Top 5 Podcasts for Home Workouts

With our busy schedules, getting in a workout can be a challenge for anyone. For many of us, we need extra motivation to get off the couch and on the treadmill. But how do we find and keep that motivation? 

Luckily, motivation can be streamed on our mobile devices. Finding our favorite fitness podcasts may be just the thing that inspires us to stay fit. 

1. Best Running Podcast 

For those of us who are looking to enter the running world, the best podcast to start streaming is the Ali on the Run podcast. Ali interviews runners from all walks of life — people who lead interesting lives and offer inspiration to other aspiring runners.

We can jump on the treadmill, turn up this podcast, and be inspired to run. We need the correct equipment to help us along on our fitness journeys. For a high-end, well-made treadmill, head to G&G Fitness Equipment to add a treadmill to your home gym.

2. Best Weightlifting Podcast

Some of us love picking up a set of dumbells and grinding out a grueling weightlifting session. The Muscle for Life podcast hosted by Mike Matthews gives us science-based inspiration to build our best bodies. He tackles topics such as which exercises are the most effective for building and maintaining muscle, as well as offering nutrition and supplement suggestions.  

3. Best HIIT Podcast

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an intense sweat session that can be done at home. Listen to some inspiring stories that uncover the benefits of HIIT on the Working it Out podcast. Host Alex Cole of Humans of HIIT interviews individuals who have overcome physical and mental barriers to achieve success in their fitness goals through HIIT workouts.

4. Best Cycling Podcast

Many of us may enjoy long bike rides, but some of us prefer getting a workout in on a stationary bike. Hosted by Mitch Docker, an Australian professional cyclist, Life in the Peloton is a podcast for people who are interested in learning more about the sport of cycling and hearing stories from the athletes who have made it into a profession.

We can add exercise bikes from G&G to our home gyms and imagine what it would be like to cycle around the world as professional cyclists do.

5. Best At-Home Workout Podcast

We don't need to go to a gym to reach our fitness goals. The Crunches and Cosmos podcast aims to help us get the most out of our home gyms by providing at-home workout tips and insights, as well as reviews of products and workout plans.

We can maximize our home gym experience by acquiring the right equipment. G&G Fitness Equipment has multiple home gym options to give us the extra boost we need to keep pushing towards our fitness goals.

Workout to Live Life to the Fullest

When it comes down to it, choosing the right podcast can help us feel motivated to work out every day. For more motivation to keep up a workout routine, a consultation with G&G Fitness Equipment can bring fitness equipment right to our homes—making fitness a part of life.

What's your favorite podcast to workout to? Leave it in the comments!

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