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Bryan Shutts - Web Product Advisor & Manager, Dayton, OH

Marketing Communications & Store Manager, Dayton, OH "Without struggle, there is no progress."   Bryan has been w...

Dave Rechtin - Manager, Cincinnati, OH

"Focusing on your needs to ensure the best results!" Dave has been with G&G since 2012, and his saying is, "Work ...

Tim Garbach, Director of Retail Sales & Manager, Rochester, NY

"It makes my day when I hear a client has conquered a new milestone. Similarly, I love coaching fitness consultants w...

Chris Shaw, Ohio Regional Manager & Manager, Akron & Dublin, OH

Akron, Ohio “I strive to help every client get the perfect piece of equipment that will fit all their needs and help ...

Ken Wunderlin - PA Regional Mgr. & Manager, Cranberry & McKnight

Pittsburgh, PA “My favorite part of this job is the success stories. Nothing feels better than seeing someone vastly ...

Brian Stauber, Manager, Monroeville & McMurray, PA

"A great customer experience starts as soon as you walk through the door but doesn't end there. My job is to take the...

Mike Antkowiak, Manager, Buffalo, NY

"I'm committed to delivering superior customer experience by consistently serving our customers through the fitness j...

John Sukmanowski - Manager, Orchard Park, NY

"Know your limitations, and then defy them. I am a dedicated and enthusiastic professional who has been part of the f...
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