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Alyssa Beck - Pittsburgh, PA

"Fitness and health are not simply the end-result; both are part of a life-long journey. My focus in the fitness worl...

Derek Gionta - Pittsburgh, PA

"I approach clients as I would a teammate or business partner." Derek started at G&G in 2015, and his motto is, ...

Ken Wunderlin - PA Regional Mgr. & Manager, Cranberry & McKnight

Pittsburgh, PA “My favorite part of this job is the success stories. Nothing feels better than seeing someone vastly ...

Brian Stauber, Manager, Monroeville & McMurray, PA

"A great customer experience starts as soon as you walk through the door but doesn't end there. My job is to take the...

Sarah Dunlap, Pittsburgh, PA

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. My customers always come first. I want to help them achieve th...

Randy Ratliff, Pittsburgh, PA

“I provide a “Lifestyle”, not just a sale. This includes offering my own personal expertise to each and every custome...
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