Cheap ways to workout at home: even in small spaces

For many people, the idea of a “home gym” is the holy grail when it comes to working out and getting in shape.  However, if you’ve ever tried to put this idea into practice, you know that it’s not easy. 

Let’s face it - as much as we all would love to have a basement full of Life Fitness, Precor, Octane, and Matrix  equipment, even with great financing options, a lot of us have neither the space nor the budget to make it happen. 

Fortunately for you, there’s a way around this.  Because believe it or not, being able to workout at home doesn’t require a lot of large equipment - you just need the right equipment.

And we’re going to be showing you how to do just that.  Today’s post is all about working out at home - why it’s practical, cost-effective, and how you can easily get started.

Why Should You Workout At Home?

You may think a gym membership is a worthwhile investment, it’s important to understand that it’s not necessarily your best option for getting fit.

Let’s start with this little question - what are some good reasons NOT to get a gym membership?

First thing’s first - with the commute.  For most people, the prospect of trying to drag themselves across town to get to the gym after a long day of work sounds about as appealing as being waterboarded.

There’s also the issue of time.  While you may be lucky enough to have a quality gym close to your home or office, not everyone’s so fortunate - and not everyone has the time to get themselves there 5 days a week.

Finally, there’s the enjoyment factor.  While some people may love the kind of environment that a commercial gym provides, many don’t - they find it intimidating and inconvenient. 

One of the key factors when it comes to actually getting results with your workout is consistency.  And if the very thought of going to the gym is enough to make you want to quit, you’re not going to get very far.

So, if you want to work out at home, but you’re worried about price or space, we’ve got you covered.  The following is a quick list of some of the best bang for your buck equipment options to get you going.

Option #1 - The Kettlebell

If you’re looking to build strength, speed and power, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better all-in-one option than the kettlebell.

Originally used by Russian circus strongmen in the 19th Century, this old school piece essentially looks like a giant stone with a handle, similar to the haltere stones used in Ancient Greece.  Over time, the use of kettlebells spread throughout Europe, gaining popularity among strength athletes across the continent.

Over the last few years, their popularity has surged, and modern versions can now be found in gyms across the country.

While they theoretically can be used to perform almost any lift that a dumbbell can, kettlebell training typically consists of a series of fast pace “swings”, combining strength building movements with cardiovascular training and endurance - perfect for those of us who are strapped for time.

Option #2 - The Dumbbell

When it comes to strength training, machines get a lot of love.

And for good reason.  Machines not only have the ability to train every single muscle in the body, but they also allow for certain movements that just aren’t feasible with free weights (try doing a lat pulldown without a lat pulldown machine or cable tower and you’ll see what I’m talking about).

But with that said, they’re certainly not necessary to get a good workout in.

If you’re looking to get setup at home, but don’t have a lot of space, they may not be the best option for you.  A room full of quality machines will fill up your house pretty quickly.

On the other hand, free weights, and particularly dumbbells, are a far more practical and cost effective option for a lot of people.  They’re smaller, take up less space, and can be stored away easily.

And best of all, they’re super versatile.  While they may not be able to do everything that a machine can, they come pretty damn close, and can be modified to perform almost any exercise and workout you can think of.

Option #3 - Bodyweight Training

If you’re truly lacking in space (or you just like being a minimalist), you may want to consider going with the simplest option of them all - bodyweight training.

Because contrary to the opinion of gym bros across the country, a lean, strong, powerful physique can absolutely be built with nothing but your body and gravity.

In fact, many of the fittest people you see at the gym incorporate various push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups and dips into their weight routine simply because they’re so effective.  They can be adapted to work with any fitness goal you may have, from bodybuilding to endurance to cardio.

They also require a minimal investment on your part to get setup.

In terms of the specific type of equipment, there are a few staples you should consider picking up.

The first thing you’ll likely need is a good multi-grip chin-up bar, allowing you to perform a huge variety of pulling movements.  You’ll also want to invest in a set of push-up bars.

Finally, if you’re really serious about progressing in your bodyweight work, consider looking into something like the TRX Home Suspension Trainer Kit.  The kit is designed to not only increase the difficulty of common bodyweight movements, but also allows you to perform a variety of workouts that combine strength, speed and endurance.

Working out at home may seem daunting.  But by investing in the basics and getting creative, you can save yourself an absolute ton of space and cash.  For more home workout accessories to get you inspired and back in shape, be sure to checkout our online store.

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