Stay Active in Assisted Living Facilities

Staying active in assisted living facilities can be a challenge for some seniors. This can lead to weight gain, depression and a feeling of loneliness. But the good thing is - it is not impossible!

This blog post will discuss some helpful tips on how seniors can keep their bodies and minds sharp through simple activities in their senior care homes.

Start with One Activity At A Time

Find a physical activity you enjoy. It can be any type of exercise or activity. If your body does not allow you to participate in strenuous activities yet, start with something simple! It can be a walk around the assisted living facility every day.

If walking seems too easy for you, try adding some stretching or yoga movements to your routine. This can be very beneficial for seniors who spend most of their time sitting down during the day. Of course, performing your IADLs and ADLs play a crucial role in maintaining a deeper level of independence too.

It might come down to the trial and error process for some older adults before finding what works for them. By taking part in one activity each week, seniors can ease that into their routine. And learn new skills along the way!

Stay Socially Active

It is easy for older adults to become isolated and feel lonely. Especially when they stay away from their homes and families. That is why it is vital to stay both physically and socially active.

If it feels like the facility seems too big of a transition at first, invite one friend or family member each week. This will ease you into being around people without feeling overwhelmed. You can then make new friends over time!

Also, take advantage of caregiver resources available in assisted living facilities. For instance, senior fairs, cooking classes, social clubs and entertainment events hosted on-site. These are some great opportunities to meet new people.

Get Involved in the Community

Some assisted living facilities also have community centers. Seniors can take part in group activities with other residents there. Depending on the assisted living facility, some even offer transportation to sporting events. Such as golf courses or fishing ponds!

Many communities also host senior fairs for their residents. It helps people who want more information about senior-related resources available. These activities will not only provide them with socialization but also give them a sense of belonging.

Some assisted living facilities have libraries and churches too. So residents can visit those and borrow books, listen to Christian radio or go to church.

Keep Up with the Hobbies

Keeping up with hobbies is crucial to staying mentally stimulated. It is also an effective way of staying active in assisted living facilities.

Activities that seniors used to enjoy doing before they moved into the assisted living facility are good options to start with. For example, someone may like painting, gardening, or woodworking. So, continue engaging in these activities when you get there!

You may also find fellow residents who have the same hobbies as you and start doing those with them. This makes it easier, fun and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Keep Moving! 

Try to move around as much as possible. Even if that means using a wheelchair or walker if you have mobility issues. If you need help with this at first, ask fellow residents or staff members to keep moving with you. You can also join a physical activity group that is offered in many care homes.

Take advantage of the amenities offered by your facility! For example, some assisted living facilities have pools and gyms. Do some low-impact exercises that suit you best. Also, don't hesitate to try new things like yoga, meditation, or Tai-chi.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Just because you are an elderly person doesn't mean you have to stay inside all day. There are many activities that will help fulfill your entertainment needs at your assisted living facility. For example, you can play board games or watch movies together in a common area with others. Arranging a karaoke night is also a great way to let loose and have fun!

On special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas, you can help to decorate the facility to make it festive. You could also bake or prepare a special meal with other residents and share some good laughs over dinner.

Somedays, you may gather around to share your life stories and memories together. That's an excellent time to connect on an emotional level too. This is essential for your well-being and happiness!

Stay Healthy with a Balanced Diet

To stay active and perform your daily activities well, you need a healthy and balanced diet. You may use the community kitchen and cook with your fellow residents. That's a great way to stay active both physically and socially! 

Make sure you eat healthy portions of meats, vegetables, fruits and dairy every day. Also, try to include whole grains in your meals. This is because they are an excellent source of fiber to keep your digestive system working well. Take smaller portions of food and don't rush through it. Drink plenty of water throughout the day since hydration is essential!

You can also talk with your doctor or the facility's nutritionist about what kinds of food are best for you.

Bottom line, there are many ways of staying active in assisted living facilities. And also make it fun and fulfilling. But remember, it is up to each person what they want to do in their day-to-day lives.

So go at your own pace and do what you love!

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