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Precor TRM 211 Energy™ Series




Precor TRM 223 Energy™ Series




Precor TRM 243 Energy™ Series





About Precor Treadmills


If you’re looking for the most effective workout on the planet for your home, look no further.  G&G Fitness Equipment carries the perfect Treadmill that provide that low impact and effective cardiovascular workout your body craves at home.  Have you ever had the greatest Treadmill workout of all time and wondered where you could get the home model equivalent of that top brand, like Precor?  We wondered the same thing back in 1990 and that’s exactly why we went out and got Precor Treadmills for you and your home!  Our equipment, like the Precor Treadmill, is built to withstand the most rigorous workouts!  Our brands, including Precor, are hand selected by our professionals because they pass the tests of durability, ergonomics and serviceability!


When it comes to durability, Precor produces some of the top Treadmills on the market.  All the G&G Fitness Equipment’s home Treadmill brands we carry, like Precor; own, engineer and manufacturer their designs.  Therefore, Precor has really tight quality controls on all their Treadmills.  Precor Treadmills should last for more then a decade with hassle free use based on the home users intentions and activity levels. 


Durability is so important when it comes to Treadmills!  For this reason, we hand selected Precor and their award winning Treadmills.  The Precor engineering process produces industry leading structural integrity and toughness!  You won’t break this Treadmill down and if you do, they are backed by a great warranty.  Heck, Precor Treadmills can be passed down to your kids!


When speaking of Treadmills, you have to understand and respect ergonomics and design!  Precor home Treadmills for example make repetitive motions feel like unique experiences every time!  The patented feel of the Precor Treadmill ensures your bones and muscles will continue to love you for years to come. 


The best brands in the world, like Precor, are eventually going to need service.  For this reason, G&G Fitness Equipment partners with the best so parts are always available.  G&G Fitness Equipment also prides itself on seeking out the best home fitness manufacturers in the industry like Precor who will be around for years and years to come!  If you want an Treadmill that will stand the test of time, go with the pros.  Precor Treadmills provided by G&G Fitness Equipment!


We make sure our top brand home fitness Treadmills deliver an experience to customers that can’t be topped.  We have 14 home fitness locations in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.   Come by one of our stores in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Orchard Park, Akron, Cleveland, Dublin, Columbus, Dayton, Montgomery, West Chester, Cincinnati, Cranberry, Monroeville, McMurray or North Hills.  

Our wide selection of Treadmills means we have something specifically designed to suit your needs. Precor Treadmills may be your solution.  We carry the Precor TRM 445, TRM 425, TRM 243, TRM 223, and TRM 221.  Our knowledgeable fitness consultants can guide you in choosing a home Treadmill that’s right for you.