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Octane Zero Runner ZR8


The Zero Runner is a hybrid of a treadmill and an elliptical so you get the best of both – a true running motion without the impact. It is a powerful tool that enables runners to better manage repetitive impact forces that over time that can damage the body. The Zero Runner also educates you about your running gait and form. Built-in intelligence traces your gait while you run so you can track the health of your gait and ensure that you are performing at mile 13 as strong as you did at mile one.

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Octane ZR8 Zero Runner


The all-new ZR8 was built with one goal in mind – performance. And performance means many things – power, speed, endurance, efficiency, versatility and recovery. With the ZR8 premium zero-impact running machine, you’re equipped to take your running program to the next level.

What makes the ZR8 so unique are the aircraft-grade aluminum legs that facilitate a faster cadence, the lightweight pedals, higher resistance range, performance grips for progression training and technology that helps correct imbalances. Unlike anything available to runners, every detail of the ZR8 is engineered for unprecedented futuristic performance, efficiency, power and speed.  Are you ready to run faster?

Aluminum Legs

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and redesigned lightweight pedals, the ZR8 boasts light legs and a fast cadence. With the smooth, natural motion, the Zero Runner is running…only better…so you can focus on greater efficiency and enhanced performance. 

And with the reinforced frame, the rock-solid ZR8 is built for maximum stability and to take a beating, over and over, to the finish line.

Greater Resistance

Equipped with a higher workload, the ZR8 lets you vary the resistance level throughout runs. Turn it down and sprint or increase the resistance to work on your heel kick and activate more hamstrings, quads and glutes. 

Change the resistance to incorporate different paced intervals and tempo runs to become an overall stronger runner.

Performance Grips

As training progresses, step up to the free-moving performance handles that allow you to replicate the natural arm motion you use outside. With the performance handles, you also benefit from greater core and balance work.

Contoured Grip

When it comes to upper-body ergonomics, the contoured handles place you in an ideal upright position, ready to run. Multiple hand placement options fit users of all sizes and preferences. 

For maximum efficiency and comfort, place the hands at the top of the handles and run with your thumbs up.

Cross Circuit

CROSS CiRCUIT combines cardio intervals on the Zero Runner with strength training or stretching exercises next to the machine for the ultimate in effectiveness and efficiency. Incorporating cross training with the Zero Runner has never been easier with the CROSS CiRCUIT program and the SmartLink app.

With CROSS CiRCUIT on the Zero Runner, you can help minimize overuse injuries by strengthening the entire body and incorporating different exercises, such as lateral training, plyometrics, core moves and upper-body work. With the CROSS CiRCUIT program, it's easier than ever to perform the strength and stretching workouts that you know you should be doing as a runner. 

With a click of a button in the SmartLink app, try a customized workout based on your running goal to help you accomplish more faster. Capitalize on CROSS CiRCUIT to propel your running to new heights.

 Product not available in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky


Footprint  38" x 63 x59" (97 x 160 x 150cm)


Frame Lifetime 
Parts 5 Years 
Labor 1 Year


  • Aircraft-grade, light aluminum legs
  • Higher resistance variance
  • Performance grips and contoured moving handles
  • Console displays all your favorite running stats
  • Stride tracing
  • SmartLink™ compatible
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 for mobile device connectivity
  • BLE and ANT+ compatible; heart rate chest strap included
  • Wireless heart rate (Polar, ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Digital contact heart rate
  • Quiet, cordless power operation

Key mechanical features


User defined running motion

58″ (147cm)

Aluminum Legs / Lightweight pedals


Tablet/reading rack placement option


CROSS CiRCUIT attachment points


Set of CROSS CiRCUIT resistance bands

Pedal Spacing


1.4″ (3.5cm)

Low step-up height

5.2″ (13.2cm)



Heavy-duty frame


Rubber non-slip pedals


Contoured moving handlebars


Water bottle holder


Whisper quiet operation


Transport wheels


Electronic Features


SmartLink Compatible 


Bluetooth® 4.0 for mobile device connectivity


Head up LCD display


Self powered


Quick Start (Run)


Cool down


Wireless heart rate (Polar® and ANT+)


Digital contact heart rate sensors


Product Specifications


Max user weight

300lbs (136Kg)

Footprint – live area

38” x 63” x 59″
(97 x 160 x 150cm)

Product weight







5 years


1 year

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