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Octane Zero Runner ZR7


SKU : 107300-500

With the Zero Runner, we cracked the code to provide a natural, smooth motion that truly replicates running but without the impact. Extend your running career, run faster, become more efficient and strengthen your muscles by cross-training with zero-impact running. The Zero Runner also educates you about your running gait and form. Built-in intelligence traces your gait while you run so you can track the health of your gait and ensure that you are performing at mile 13 as strong as you did at mile one.

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Zero-impact running

The Zero Runner cracked the code to replicate real running motion with zero impact. Incorporating the Zero Runner into your training schedule allows you to continue to add the miles but without the impact on your joints. 

The pedals are independent so you have free motion and flexibility to create a customized running stride that feels best to your body. The ingenious hip and knee joints on the Zero Runner facilitate this custom motion and natural stride – just like running outdoors.

Smarter Training

Doing too much, too soon or too fast can cause an injury, sideline you and delay your training. Incorporating cross training with the Zero Runner has never been easier with the CROSS CiRCUIT program and the SmartLink app.

CROSS CiRCUIT combines cardio intervals on the Zero Runner with strength training or stretching exercises next to the machine for the ultimate in effectiveness and efficiency.

8 miles outside, 8 miles inside

Instead of simply adding additional miles — get more out of every mile by supplementing your training with the Zero Runner so you stay strong and prevent injuries.

Active Recovery

The Zero Runner is a great option for runners who struggle to take days off. It is ideal for active recovery days because you’re still working on your running muscles and building endurance, with the added benefit of zero impact on your body.

Holistic Approach to Running

Exclusively running is a thing of the past. Now, smart athletes, including professional marathoners, attest to the power of cross training to improve their race times and recovery. 

With CROSS CiRCUIT on the Zero Runner, you can help minimize overuse injuries by strengthening the entire body and incorporating different exercises, such as lateral training, plyometrics, core moves and upper-body work.

Zero Runner vs. traditional cardio options

The video shows how the Zero Runner has a much larger range of motion compared to a traditional elliptical machine. 

It also shows how the stride on the Zero Runner matches the runners stride on a treadmill.

 Product not available in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky


Footprint  38" x 63 x59" (97 x 160 x 150cm)


Frame Lifetime 
Parts 5 Years 
Labor 1 Year


  • Zero-Impact Running
  • Natural motion that replicates real running
  • Features a hip and knee joint
  • Intelligence that traces your gait
  • Track the health of your stride
  • Console displays all your favorite running stats
  • SmartLink, Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Polar and ANT+ wireless heart rate
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Cordless power operation

Key mechanical features


User defined running motion

58″ (147cm)

Total body


Watch and Read locations for mobile device


CROSS CiRCUIT attachment points


Set of CROSS CiRCUIT resistance bands

Pedal Spacing


2.0″ (51cm)

Low step-up height

5.2″ (13.2cm)

Seat Tilt Adjustments


Seat Height Adjustments


Rubber non-slip pedals


Lock out handlebars


Water bottle holder


Whisper quiet operation


Transport wheels


Electronic Features


SmartLink Compatible 


Bluetooth® 4.0 for mobile device connectivity


Head up LCD display


Self powered


Quick Start (Run)


Cool down


Wireless heart rate (Polar® and ANT+)


Digital contact heart rate sensors


Product Specifications


Max user weight

300lbs (136Kg)

Footprint – live area

38” x 63” x 59″
(97 x 160 x 150cm)

Product weight







5 years


1 year

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