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Octane XT-One


Maximize the space, versatility and excitement on your cardio floor with this all-in-one elliptical machine that does it all. The new XT-One equips members to walk, run, hike or climb for customized workouts – all on ONE revolutionary machine. No more having to fit in different adaptations of cross-trainers; the XT-One satisfies all needs and fitness levels in a compact footprint.

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Octane XT-One Standard Console


Exercisers can choose from 30 resistance levels and 23 workouts to personalize their intensity, target different muscles and drive results. Delivering infinite variety and customization, the XT-One is the ultimate interval training and cross training machine, with multiple movement patterns to increase calorie burning, endurance, power and strength.

Adjustable Incline Motion

Ready for a hike in the foothills or to tackle a mountain? The XT-One has 10 incline levels so users can replicate hiking or extreme climbing; with adjustability accommodating every exerciser’s capability and size. 

Also, it’s simple to target different muscle groups by changing the incline level throughout the workout so members can quickly add variety to their workout.


Octane’s trademark advanced training program combines cardio and strength intervals in the same footprint to optimize workout space and efficiency. Exercisers can customize programs to meet goals, and trainers can take advantage of variety and effectiveness – all for better results.


Replicate walking, jogging or running, and add new challenges with Octane’s signature SmartStride, which automatically adjusts the length of the stride from 20”-28” based on the user’s pace. 

This smart technology optimizes variety and effectiveness for valuable customization, motivation and results, every workout. The adjustable stride length allows to fit any size user at your facility.

Contoured Grip

When it comes to upper-body ergonomics, the contoured handles place you in an ideal upright position, ready to run. Multiple hand placement options fit users of all sizes and preferences. 

For maximum efficiency and comfort, place the hands at the top of the handles and run with your thumbs up.


Footprint  33"x75" (84x191cm)


Parts: 3 Years 
Labor: 1 Year


  • Replaces all adaptations of ellipticals and non-elliptical modalities in one machine
  • Performance grips and contoured moving handles
  • Adjustable incline
  • Adjustable stride length
  • Advanced training - 30:30 and MMA
  • CROSS CiRCUIT compatible
  • Workout Boosters
  • Smart console compatible
Stride lengths  20″ – 28″
Electronic stride adjustable Stride
Low step-up height Yes
MultiGrip and Converging Path Handlebars


Fingertip controls on moving handlebars Yes
Moving handlebar lock-out Yes
1-time adjustable handlebar position



Water bottle holder


Resistance Levels

Number of Programs


Resistance Programs

Manual, Random, Distance Goal

Calorie Goal, Customer Interval

Heart-Rate Programs

Fat Burn, Heart Rate

Custom Interval

Advanced Programs


30:30 Interval, MMA, Constant Watts, Constant

METs, Mountain Peak, 30:30 Hill, Progressive Hill,

SmartStride, GlutePower, X-Mode and SmartStride

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