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Confused? Let G&G Help!

The process of picking the elliptical that is best for you may be a little confusing.  We "fit" an elliptical to your body and your specific needs for good reasons- to deliver you the safest and most effective workout around.  Let our expert fitness consultants evaluate your responses and get back to you ASAP with specific reccommendations.  Your goal is our goal...

 Weight loss
 Sports performance
 Training for a race
 General Fitness
 Hit quick start and go
 Find a program that best fits my goals
 Hate it. I need a console that keeps me entertained
 No preference
 Life Fitness
 $500 - $999
 $1,000 - $1499
 $1,500 - $2,499
 $2,500 - $3,499
 Just recommend what would be best for me
 Yes - ceiling height
 Yes - limited space