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Spring into Fitness!

Spring is the perfect transitional season to help you shake off those winter blues and, well, spring into action with a renewed sense of invigoration and focus. Here’s a few of our favorite things about spring that aren’t just great for your physical heal…
    While it may seem like we’re stuck in a never-ending winter, spring is fast approaching, and it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your health an…

Healthy Lifestyle Furniture

Thinking about buying a billiard or recreation table for your family? Your investment may bring more benefits to your family then you think. Pool and other recreational games may bring family and friends together for a littler fun but these games can al…
Thinking about buying a billiard or a recreation table for your family?  Your investment may bring more benefits to your family then you think.  Pool and other recreatio…

Are you Over-Training?

Learn to trust your body. Watch for these 12 key signs of over-training. If you aren't giving yourself enough time between sessions at the gym, you aren't giving your muscles a chance to recover properly. Try these suggestions to help your body recover.
  Did you know: it is possible to exercise too much! If you have that motivation and you are working out as much as you possibly can, good for you! However, if you rea…

Constant Connections are Hurting Your Child's Sleep and Development

A recent study consisting of 125,000 children concluded that even when their smart phone or tablet was turned off before bedtime, it still interfered with their sleep cycles.
Constant Connections are Hurting Your Child's Sleep and Development Bryan Shutts   A recent study consisting of 125,000 children concluded that even when their smart p…

Zero Runner Benefits

By Nick Stanko Octane Fitness Zero Runner It is not every day that we come across something new for runners that can have such a positive impact on what they do. The Ze…

A healthier workplace is a happier one

“Studies have shown that you increase your energy level when you’re working out, so your more attentive to what you’re doing, you’re happier to come to work every day.” Anthony Ruffolo, G&G Fitness
The Buffalo News By, Scott Scanlon 12/27/14  Could there come a day when most Western New York companies provide a fitness center onsite for their employees? Desks that al…

7 Essential Reasons You Should Have a Home Gym

By: Klye Battis   The home gym is an amazing resource that you should be taking advantage of. Between hectic schedules to the non-sense going on in commercial gyms, home …

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