Is The Stress Of Your Job Is Affecting Your Health?

The Stress Of Your Job Is Affecting Your Health 

39% of people say they skip exercise or physical activities because they feel stressed, despite the benefits it can offer. Stress at work is at an all-time high with 80% of Americans feeling stressed on the job. The link between stress and its effects on health and fitness are well known, including increased rates of heart attacks, strokes and depression. What’s more worrying is that it seems to have been accepted as a norm, with places like New York compensating police officers if they have a coronary event, on or off the job, with the assumption being that it was caused by work-related stress. Exercising and improving your fitness will improve conditions, but many people struggle to get the time to exercise and eat healthily because of busy work schedules.

Stress leads to depression, insomnia and less effective workouts

Stress comes with most jobs, but if you’re working a job that you don’t enjoy and that causes you stress, it’s likely that both your sleep pattern and mental health has been affected, such as symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia. These illnesses can make it difficult to feel motivated to workout, but even if you do, studies have found that recovery time and risk of injury go up, as well as it taking longer to reach your fitness goals. For example, one study found that people who reported low stress levels gained 60% of their leg strength back after a heavy weight workout, compared to just 38% for people who reported high stress levels. The stress becomes a vicious cycle, but exercise can improve stress levels, such as yoga, which 85% of people report that it relieves their stress.

Should you get a new job?

Health and fitness usually goes at the bottom of the list of priorities until it becomes a problem that you can no longer ignore. Looking after your body and working to prevent, as opposed to treat, illnesses is best, which may involve a change of career. You may find that it’s a relief to get away from an office with a bad atmosphere, co-workers that you don’t get on with and the excessive workload that comes with your job, opting for something a little slower paced and calmer. Getting a new your job can provide you a much better work-life balance where you can have more time to look after your health, take care of your fitness and will be tremendously beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

Reduce stress with exercise

Even if you choose to switch jobs you may still be feeling the physical and psychological effects, so it’s important to try to effectively manage your health and fitness. Exercise is one of the best ways to do this. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 14% of people regularly exercise as a way of dealing with stress, with walking, running and yoga being favorite choices. Exercise has been found to improve sleep, mood and decrease stress levels. One study found that even five minutes of aerobics is enough to stimulate the body’s natural anti-anxiety effects. Of course, exercise will also improve physical health and help you to get out of the vicious cycle. A job that takes up a lot of time or exhausts you will leave you struggling to find the time and energy to workout, giving you another reason to switch careers.

You should never prioritize your job over your health. Stress at work can lead to poor mental and physical health, even if you can’t see the effects now, it’s very like to catch up with you. Evaluate your situation and consider how to improve your health and fitness by changing your circumstances, finding a better work-life balance and finding a low-stress job.

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Submitted by Jane Walters, Freelance Writer.

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