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Healthy Lifestyle Furniture

Feb 27, 2018

Thinking about buying a billiard or a recreation table for your family?  Your investment may bring more benefits to your family then you think.  Pool and other recreational games may bring family and friends together for a littler fun but these games can also help your health.  Check out this list of benefits that your table can do for you.



  1. Bring the Excitement – Probably the main reason people purchase pool and other recreational to their homes.  Billiards and other recreational tables can bring a lot of excitement to your home or parties.  Often a Brunswick pool table, air hockey or other table becomes the center of attention and really gets the party rolling. 
  2. Everybody Can Play - Get your family off the couch and have a little fun.  It doesn’t matter your age or sex.  Everybody can play pool, shuffleboard, air hockey, foosball and table tennis. 
  3. Burn those Calories – Have you ever thought about how much you actually walk while playing pool?  Playing pool for 2 hours can lead to about 100 trips around the table’s perimeter.  That’s equivalent to walking a third of a mile.  Table tennis is a whole new story.  Just think of an intense game of Ping-Pong you have played with friends.  How much was your heart racing?
  4. Build Focus – The amount of concentration that goes into a pool game helps keep the brain sharp.  By adding a little competitive spirit and focusing in on the angles your brain will benefit greatly.
  5. Improves Mental Skills – Every game is like a puzzle trying to complete the objective.  In pool you are tying to perform combo shots.  In shuffleboard you are tying to figure out the best scenarios to land your pucks strategically.  All these scenarios are challenging the player’s minds and require constant judgment. 
  6. Low-Impact Workout – While you are playing pool and other recreational games you are not only burning calories walking around, you are also stretching and toning muscles.  Often you are on your toes and bending to make a difficult shot.  All those little movements add up overtime. 
  7. Keeps You Calm – it is amazing how recreational game tables really make you concentrate.  If you get rattled a little your opponent can quickly come back.   You have to learn to stay focused and calm.  Learning this behavior can help stay calm with every day situation so you can make the right decisions. 



Billiards and More

G&G Fitness’s Buffalo and Rochester, New York stores are now carrying Brunswick pool tables and gaming.  On display at the stores is Brunswick pool tables, shuffleboards, ping-pong, foosball, gaming furniture and gaming accessories.  


Brunswick Billiards

Brunswick pool tables are a timeless tribute to brilliance in design and craftsmanship. G&G Fitness Equipment is proud to stand behind every Billiards table that carries the Brunswick name. Brunswick pool tables carry a lifetime guarantee.

Brunswick billiards tables are the most remarkably well-made and stunning tables in the world because of Brunswick’s innovative designers and skilled craftsmen who utilize premium materials and the most state-of-the-art techniques to build every pool table. The Brunswick Contender line of pool tables is designed to provide excellent playability with a sophisticated look at an affordable price.

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